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Handle and control the apps that autostart when Windows launches
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Controlling all those apps that decide to launch at Windows StartUp with or without our permission is a system maintenance task that all PC users should perform regularly. It not only saves startup time, but also prevents malicious software programs from spying on us. EF StartUp Manager offers you a no-nonsense tool to determine which programs should start at Windows StartUp and which shouldn’t, suitable for both regular and technical users.

The program’s interface looks very much like a standard file manager – actually, like Windows Explorer itself – and it will tell you at a glance which programs are associated to the Windows StartUp, and which of them are assigned to the current user or to all users. From the same menu, you can also access the registry (for either the current user or the local machine), the Win.ini and System.ini files, and a section called Controlled StartUp, where you can add various parameters to selected apps. If you’re not a system administrator or lack a deep knowledge of how Windows work, you’re advised to focus on the Windows StartUp section only. Meddling with your Windows registry and INI files without the skills required to do it may lead to terrible consequences at both software and hardware levels.

Removing an app from the StartUp is as simple as ticking it off from the list. From here on, things get a bit more complex. You can add a new item to any of the lists just by opening the new entry icon on the top side of the interface. You’ll be asked to enter a name, where in your system you want to add that entry (StartUp menu, registry, Win.ini, etc.) a working folder, and a running mode. Alternatively, you can assign parameters to the new entry. Entries can also be edited, copied, cut, or deleted easily using the context menu that appears when right-clicking on it. Processes can be closed and killed, and even run also from that context menu. The above-mentioned Controlled StartUp utility allows you to define the startup order of the active apps and the delay time assigned to them. Finally, the program also allows you to export your startup items to file for backup purposes.

EF StartUp Manager is both a simple and a powerful tool, depending on the use you make of it and your knowledge of how your OS works. Used carefully and wisely, this tiny utility can be a powerful tool that may help you to make the most of your system’s startup time and to protect your PC from unwanted apps that (malicious or not) start with your OS inadvertently.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Add and edit registry entries
  • Define which apps launch at startup
  • Thorough information about the app selected


  • Requires technical knowledge
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